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ENA exfoliation furnace for vermiculite and vermiculite plants

The process developed by ENA GmbH for the exfoliation of vermiculites by means of electrowarms is based on the direct conversion of electrical energy into exfoliation energy. The novel process thus overcomes the disadvantages of conventional combustion technologies. In contrast to the old technology, the emission of the plant is limited to water vapor only. No combustion gases are produced. Problems resulting from the emission of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants do not occur.

Due to the limited space or space requirement, the thermal system losses can be minimized so as to produce highly efficiently. A mobile construction is possible. The shock-like treatment results in relatively short reaction times.
The direct conversion of electrical energy into exfoliation energy allows very precise control and regulation of the process with regard to the quality and quantity of the final product. Quality criteria can be precisely defined for homogeneous material flows.
The system size and the throughput can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Plant designs from 0.1 t / h to 2 t / h are economical. The plant engineering is designed in modular construction, so that a subsequent expansion is not a problem.

The plant parameters as well as, if necessary, peripheral modules are aligned with the corresponding customer requirements. The adaptation to existing production lines is thus also feasible.

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