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Industrial Furnaces / Industrial Furnaces

Use ENA know-how for effective and innovative standard and customer-specific industrial ovens / industrial furnaces as well as thermal industrial furnaces as well as process development and applied research!

Are you looking for an industrial furnace / industrial furnace that is designed and manufactured based on your application, or simply a cost - effective standard industrial furnace? Then you are exactly right with us!

We offer our customers a complete service in industrial furnace construction from development through construction and production right through to commissioning at the site for heating, drying, tempering, heating and / or cooling of different products and materials, eg by different industrial furnaces such as chamber furnaces, tempering furnaces or in vacuum furnaces.
Detailed information about our plants can be obtained via the Butten industrial furnaces as well as the following links:

  • Industrial furnaces and heat treatment plants
  • Vacuum
  • Exfoliation furnaces for vermiculites  
Our industrial furnaces and plants are used worldwide from China to the USA.

Industrial furnaces, industrial furnaces, standard ovens, tempering ovens, hearth furnaces, hood ovens, chamber furnaces and circulating ovens, throughput and continuous furnaces, special furnaces, vacuum ovens, industrial furnaces - industrial furnaces manufacturer Service: thermal simulation and flow simulation

We are happy to provide you with an individual offer for an industrial furnace according to your specifications, whether it is a tempering furnace, a chamber furnace, a vacuum furnace or a different variant. For example, we have already developed tubular furnaces, whether horizontal or vertical, in combination with vacuum, hydrogen, nitrogen or other gases. ENA offers paternoster ovens, paternoster furnaces, raw furnaces / ovens, hardening furnaces / tempering furnaces / tempering furnaces, continuous furnaces, vacuum furnaces, drying ovens, hot air furnaces and heat treatment plants.

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We solve your problem in terms of

Industrial Furnaces / Industrial Furnaces.
Various industrial furnaces and industrial furnaces - applications for your company.

Whether standard or special designs - let us know your ideas - we will be glad to advise you and create an individual offer or show you a cost-effective standard solution.

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